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Frequently Asked Questions

Are steel structures stronger than its wood-framed counterpart?
An engineer would say that any material is as strong as it needs to be.  The truth of the matter is that steel is much stronger than wood per unit area. A little steel does the same job as quite a bit of wood. A steel building needs a standard structure for load distribution and support for the interior and exterior materials. As a result a steel structure generally has far more capacity than a wood building. A steel building can support greater loads, can be built longer, higher and more open than wood buildings.

The bottom line is that you will get much more building for your dollar.

Does Mid America Steel Structures provide ready-made buildings?
Yes, we do provide pre-designed buildings. We offer smaller structures that are appropriate for any area in the United States. We also have larger pre-designed buildings, but we must make slight modifications so that the structures meet your local building code requirements.
Areas that regularly experience higher snowfall or high winds will have different requirements so we make adjustments to your structure to ensure you can enjoy it for years to come. We are committed to quality and will assist you in meeting the requirements of your local authority.

Why do I need insulation?
You don’t HAVE to insulate, but we certainly recommend it. Insulation can serve to reduce the noise and control condensation in your steel structure. It will also make your building much more energy efficient, saving you money on heating and cooling.

Can I purchase parts and accessories from Mid-America Steel Structures?
You certainly can. We have a variety of parts and accessories for your steel structures. We have siding, roofing and a large assortment of other parts for your steel frame. We can also supply vents, doors, insulation and many other components to complete your building.
Call us toll free at 1-866-SteelBuilding(783-3528).

Is it possible to replace the siding or roof panels on my steel structure?
If your steel building is suffering from corrosion or is damaged we can usually replace the panels without having to also replace the primary structure. We are happy to assess what is needed and provide the parts needed for replacement.

How do I assemble my steel building?
Assembly of your steel building is a simplified process.  Our buildings come with all of the necessary information you or your contractor will need to erect your building in the most cost efficient manner. We provide you with anchor bolt and foundation requirements while your building is still in manufacturing so your foundation can be prepared for the erection of your steel building the day that your components arrive.

Can you provide a quote?
We offer a free quote based on info you provide right here on our site. We will need to know the exact size and placement of doors and windows to provide an exact price. Our online submission tool will allow us to quickly estimate your project. For more complex structures please email us.

How quickly will I receive my metal building?
Depending on the size and complexity of the structure, it can normally be delivered within a 30-60 day timeframe. Some projects may require additional design, engineering and, building code considerations.

What will my delivery cost?
There is not a standard delivery cost. Delivery costs are determined by distance from manufacturing facility. We have 3 manufacturing facilities strategically located to reduce shipping costs. We do, however, deliver your building in one shipment to reduce the overall delivery fee.

What should I do to prepare once I’ve ordered my steel building?
Planning is essential for the overall success of any construction project. You will first need to decide whether you will erect the structure yourself or hire a contractor. A single individual can often erect smaller structures like a small shed or a one-car garage.  If you decide to tackle the project yourself you will probably need to submit your plans for a permit and site-plan approval.

Once these initial steps are approved you will need to work on the foundation. MidAmerica Steel Structures will provide an anchor bolt plan so you can lay your footings and prepare your foundation with the correct placement of anchor bolts to receive the structure components. When you receive the building components you may need to rent equipment such as a lift or crane for the final assembly.

What are the maximum wind loads of your buildings?
We build to meet and exceed even the strongest wind load requirement in the United States of 150mph.

When I purchase a building what components does that include?
We provide the entire bolt-together frame, sheet metal panels, screws, bolts, trim and accessories. Everything you need to build your building. You will need to arrange for initial dirt work and concrete for footings, slab, etc.

What equipment do I need to erect a metal building?
To construct a small metal building such as a shed, you'll need:
• Tools to tighten the bolts. Usually wrenches.
• A cordless drill for self tapping screws
• A level. A longer level is recommended.
• A screwdriver or spud wrench to line up the holes on your main beam

Depending on the size of your steel structure you may also need to rent construction and lifting equipment such as a scissor lift or crane. If you plan on building your foundation you may also need specialized tools. Mid America Steel Structures can assist with recommendations based on the size and scale of your project as well as local building codes and requirements.

What is the maximum span of a steel building?
Rigid frame clearspan buildings that do not have interior columns can span up to 200 ft wide.

What panel types can I choose from?
We have a variety of panel choices to fit your application. We provide the following panel products:

• Panel-Loc
• Panel-Loc Plus
• Horizon-Loc
• R-Loc
• M-Loc
• Precision-Loc
• Central Seam Plus
• Central-Loc
• Central-Snap
• Central-Span

What permits do I need? And how do I get them?
It is best to look into local permit and planning codes and requirements before purchasing your building to ensure that your planned building complies with your area building code and with your local planning and zoning restrictions.

Your building permit requirements will depend on the size, intent and design of your building as well as it’s location. Your building department can assist with information about obtaining permits for your site plan and your building's structural, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems. You will likely need to provide a recent site plan produced by a licensed surveyor as an initial step.

Why are building codes necessary?
A building code is the government’s official statement on building safety. It’s a set of minimum safety standards arranged in a manner that is easy to reference. It covers all aspects of construction-fire, structural, plumbing, electrical and mechanical.  Building departments have information detailing how to obtain the necessary permits and design and construct a safe structure.

Codes apply to your building for the following purposes:
• Personal safety
• Reduction of fire risk
• Conservation of energy
• Protecting future owners

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