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Commercial Metal Buildings

What Are Commercial Metal Buildings?
Commercial metal buildings are beginning a trend in safety and reliability. They are large structures supported by a metal framing system that eases installation without sacrificing any stability. They are durable and low maintenance which can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Our professionals can assist you whether youíre building an office building or something larger like a retail store with warehouse space.

As a metal, steel has a few significant benefits above and beyond traditional wood framing. It is noncombustible offering fire resistance as well as being dimensionally stable and electrically safe. They have a longer lifespan with less need for regularly scheduled maintenances.

Our company strives for satisfaction, so we want you to make a decision you will be pleased with in the coming years. We offer to walk you through the different types of metal buildings so that you can make an informed decision. Whether your structure will be a small, locally-owned operation or a new franchise, our job is to make sure that your buildings structure and spacing will suit the needs of your company.

There are many details during construction that will need to be addressed, some of them cosmetic and some of them will be structure related. Choosing your exterior will be one step on the road to your building completion. One thing about a steel structure being so versatile is that they are compatible with nearly every material, so your options for design continue to stay wide open.

With all the options for exterior customization you can have a lot of creative control in how the building is received. Some of the customizations and finishes can be:

Concrete block and tilt up building styles are popular due to their function. They are fire resistant and have a classic professional look.

Glass front finishes will be utilized by retailers and other office affiliations. It allows natural light to penetrate the room saving on electricity if you have a reception or waiting room. In addition, it offers valuable marketing space if you choose to ensconce the windows with a logo.

Masonry and brick give you lots of design options to make the structure more approachable. It has become more popular to have brick mixed with other finishes.

Stucco can go on the outside of a building to mask concrete, cinder block, or clay blocks. It can also be commissioned to be formed into artwork for exterior building accents like arches. Stucco is a popular Mediterranean finish.

Eifs can be referred to as synthetic stucco but it should be clarified that it is distinctly different from actual stucco.

Each metal building is created to fill the design specifications of the customer. When you choose the type of commercial building you intend to build, you can rest assured that our company will see to it that your every need is met. If youíre interested in having conference rooms or a kitchen we can allocate space and keep utilities in mind during the development process. With the abundance of development options you have to choose from, you can ask for any type of building to be constructed and know that our work will be nothing less than perfect.

Mid-room Support Columns for Your Building
Another benefit that a metal structure can offer you is a much larger clear-span. A clear-span means that there is less need for columns and mid-room obstacles that are often load-bearing supports. load-bearing supports.  It allows for a less cluttered space for you to be able to design a more complex commercial building. If you donít mind columns or possibly prefer them, we have a multi-span metal building frame design that is less expensive and just as sturdy.

We will have our professionals evaluate your needs to assess the different types of options we can provide for you. Trusting your construction needs to a reliable professional means getting quality work done and having industry experience at your disposal.

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