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Pole Barn Building

If you’re building a new pole barn we can help you with all the details. Our experts have the industry knowledge to help you with choosing a height, roofing options and general material suggestions.

Fast Assembly
Conventional construction requires a lot more structural materials, so it can take a lot longer to assemble. A pole barn has an interlocking frame with large, load bearing, posts. You can eliminate roof detachment by adding trusses to the posts eliminating the risk of roof failure. All of these features create a building that can hold up against high winds, snow loads and other general weather hazards. We will use premium grade lumber and sturdy code-compliant wood trusses which will ensure that the structure is built to its optimum specifications.

Many Different Utilities
A pole barn has many different uses depending on what exactly you plan to do with the space. Many farmers find this type of building to be particularly efficient if they’re planning on housing indoor livestock, but other large scale uses could be organizing something creative like an indoor horse stable or riding arena. You can house cattle and give them a place to get out of harsh weather or you can use your pole barn just to store equipment.

Open Walls or Enclosed
A pole barn has the unique flexibility to either have walls or just an open covering. The poles make up the perimeter of the barn which is typically rectangular and can be sized to your specified height. What makes the pole barn a great structure is its simplicity. You can adjust its functionality later down the road if you wanted to transform an open covering to one with walls enclosing it. You might want to store animals and need something with more of a floor to ceiling covering to keep out the elements. You can decide how, when and what it will be next.

Easy Vehicle Accessibility
One of the benefits to a pole barn structure is its accessibility. It makes a great place to keep hay or other items that might need to be accessed by vehicles or other machines. Sometimes storage sheds or something that doesn’t have a wide enough entryway will require a person to manually remove the contents before loading it onto a transport. This can be a waste of time and effort when you consider that a pole barn will let you have the space you need making your day-to-day work easier on you.

Choosing the Right Place
When you want to find a suitable site for your construction project, there are a few factors you want to consider.

A generally flat area that fits the zoning regulations and land use designations.
Keep in mind the cost of utilities at the site. If it is a long way from an existing structure, utilities may have to be brought out to it which can be a large expense.

Check any important historical records to ensure that your site is not a prohibited area to build in.
The site can be very important if the structure is somewhere near your home because a home’s overall appearance is important to its value. If it is somewhere remote on the property, this won’t matter as much. If it is somewhere near your home, you may want to consider what type of siding and roof you’ll have on it. It may seem generally cosmetic but it does make a difference.

Needing the Room
Most people need more space. We accumulate possessions over time and eventually either have to give some of them up or find a place to store them. Pole barns are affordable and incredibly reliable. The kind of purpose it is going to serve will determine exactly what it will look like and how it will function. It can be used for RV storage, equipment storage and multipurpose farm buildings.

If you’re already interested, then we can help you get started on your construction project. We can offer you a reasonable estimate and can answer any questions you may have about the overall process. Our experts are here to make the whole experience as stress free as possible so that you will know that you can trust us with all your future construction needs.


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