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Red Iron Building

Red iron buildings, which are also called pre-engineered steel buildings or prefabricated steel buildings are an option that is cost effective and durable. They are forged out of steel and the steel frame truss is what holds the primary support of the structure. Each truss usually consists of two wall sections and two roof sections.

The Strength of Red Iron
Strength is a major factor when it comes to building the supports for your structure. When you build a red iron building, the components are significantly stronger than wooden ones. This also allows you to use fewer pieces for essentially the same design which in turn will save you money. This savings comes in the form of a standard prefabricated unit that takes less time to produce and easier to install.

A Recognized Form of Industry Standard Construction
With a system like red iron, also referred to as Steel I-beam Buildings, they are commonly used so that if there is ever an issue in the future you wonít have to worry about factors such as material inconsistencies or specialized labor.

Less Obstructions Equals More Utilization
One of the more serious concerns with using a wood frame for a building is the constant need of columns throughout the structure to manage the weight and support of the building. The wonderful benefit of a red iron building is called clear-span, which means that throughout the building you wonít be impeded by poles or other obstructions allowing for more functional space. This also affords you more overhead clearance if you plan on storing large farm equipment or any projects that require greater heights.

Flooring Options
A lot of people like the idea that, if this building is used a lot for equipment being brought in and out a lot, they donít need to install concrete flooring or any flooring for that matter. It is a common belief that all buildings need some sort of a flooring foundation to build upon, but this particular system doesnít require it. The metal framework can offer a foundational stability that allows you to forego the basic flooring structure adding one more value to using this system of building.

Reasons for Insulation
When youíre building, you have to decide how important insulation will be to your area and the possessions youíll be housing. It can significantly cut down costs for heating or cooling and adds extra protection against more extreme forms of weather. If you are storing expensive farm equipment that is sensitive to extreme heat or cold or providing shelter for livestock, insulation might be the right choice for you.

If you are handling animals, an appealing feature is that the structure is non-flammable and a secure place to take care of them. You can be sure that the area is contained and safe for housing the food for them as well. Red iron buildings are designed to resist pests and termites making it significantly more hygienic and durable as a choice of building material. Buildings that arenít as subject to fire risk are typically cheaper to insure, saving you stress and money.

Material Consumption
Red iron can be slightly more expensive than other materials, but in general, there is very little waste material involved in erecting a red iron building. The materials are sized well before construction so that there arenít unnecessary adjustments that need to be made. You can also choose the material you want to accent the exterior of the building according to your own personal tastes. The maintenance involved in red iron is minimal due to its high durability and structural integrity.

Construction Overview
The process for building a red iron structure starts with erecting the trusses and then attaching the steel purlins and girts. Insulation, if it is being used, would be installed, followed by sheeting. Finally, finishing touches like windows and doors are placed to complete the building.

If it sounds fairly simple, thatís because it is for us. A professional will be helping every step of the way to explain certain material options and give you a chance to ask questions you may need answered.

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