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Storage Barns

If youíre in need of expanded storage for your current home or remote storage on your property to keep certain maintenance items, then let us help you with a new storage barn. The functionality of storage barns goes far beyond just keeping your items secure from the elements and wildlife. It can also provide a comfortable place to sit and enjoy some time off of work.

Size Matters
We can offer you a wide selection on different styles and uses for your storage barn. Itís possible you just need more room to work on personal projects. Our storage barns are perfect for that type of controlled use. You want to be sure it will serve whatever purpose you desire from storing landscaping equipment to woodworking. It can be as large or as small as you would like, but it all depends on the amount of room you want to occupy. If this will be going in the backyard, you donít want anything large enough to overshadow your green space. But you also donít want anything so small that youíll soon be looking to buy a bigger replacement.

Size is also a factor when deciding on storage barn doors. If you plan on doing some work on a vehicle or storing large farm equipment like tractors, youíll need the door to swing open without a lower lip to get stuck on and provide a large amount of clearance. Smaller barns that are typically for storage can have quaint doors that can be chosen based on personal tastes. They serve the function of keeping out any unwanted pests or critters and ensuring that they arenít damaged by hazardous weather conditions.

Exterior Choices

  • Porches - A storage barn can be built with porch options that can give an impression of home. It serves as an entry way for the structure and gives it the personal touch of your own style. A storage barn that remains close to your home doesnít have to be an eyesore. With all the ways you can personalize the outside, it can become a beautiful and highly functional addition to your property.
  • Siding - Much like other home exteriors you will get to choose siding and trim. Youíll want to be sure to make the decision based on the elements it will experience, and how often you will be able to visit this structure to check for regular maintenance issues. If you plan on using a simple T1-11 siding then it will require that you check to make sure that it isnít experiencing any moisture or insect problems. You may also choose options like the height of the side wall; whether youíre interested in a 4í to a 6í overhang we can serve your needs.
  • Windows - In addition to that, if you want windows to provide a view of your property, you will need to decide size, location and trims. Sometimes you donít want prying eyes being able to see any expensive equipment you may have at a remote location on your farm, so windows wonít be as necessary as proper ventilation. But if this is a place where you will be spending a moderate amount of time, you may find it appealing to be able to gaze outside or have an abundance of natural light pouring in during the day.
  • Roof - The roof plans will also play a part in your decision toward what type of storage barn you find to be suitable. Remembering to keep a roof in good repair will ensure that the elements are less likely to affect your equipment. You also have choices that can range from economic and practical to cosmetically pleasing and beautiful.

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